Tuesday, February 8, 2011

two worlds

There is this weird mix of two worlds I am surrounded by.  One world, in California, knows Norah, loves her, has been with her since she was born.  They know my sister, and are sad with me because of her death.   They have hurt inside, just like I have, because in many ways Carrisa was a sister to them. Now they are saying goodbye to Norah, not for forever, just for a little while until she visits again.   This group has blessed our family beyond belief, with love, prayers, kind words, financial support and continual encouragement.  I wish I was closer to thank everyone personally.

Then, there is the world here in Colorado, the ones who have yet to meet Norah, the ones who never knew my sister, but are sad for me because of her death.  Now they are celebrating Norah about to come into our lives.  They have also blessed us, and listened to our hearts pour out.  They have done wonderful things, like my friend Jamie, who offered to host a shower for Norah before her arrival!  What a blessing!  I really am surrounded by such wonderful friends, willing to do anything for me.  I felt like each woman who attended the shower loves and support us so very much.   Just having their presence was so meaningful!   

Jamie the Host!

There is nothing in this world like friends praying over you

Janice and Cherie. I have worked with them for almost 5 years, they are family to me!

Most of the ladies

Lynae, always going above and beyond, would do anything for me

Liane and Caitlin, so fun and so full of Gods light!  They bought Norah and Maya the cutest book called "sisters"  I cried when I read it

Heather.  Her gift was probably the most meaningful.  She made a blanket for Norah with the same material I used for the "Carrisa Collection."  She didn't want to leave Maya out either, so she made her a blanket also.

And Shaina, I don't have a picture with her.  But she is so sweet and has worked so hard!  She is making headbands, selling them in a store and giving half the profit to Norah's adoption!

I love my friends both far and near for blessing us so tremendously!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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  1. You don't know how happy I am to hear that your friends threw you a shower. As I mentioned before, it was something I wanted to do so badly but I wasn't able to from California. :) I hope it was just a huge blessing to you and that you were drenched in LOVE! :) That prayer picture is AWESOME! I can't believe tomorrow's the "big day".


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