Thursday, September 15, 2011

A girl can dream

So having a baby girl bring on quite the expense, none the less having 2 other toddler girls.  I mean they all need a least one matching dress, right?

thanks to Old Navy at least they were clearance

Well thanks to Etsy and Pinterest the addiction of baby girl cuteness only becomes worse!!  I mean there is soooo much cute stuff I don't know what to do with my self sometimes.  All I want to do is re-decorate my house, throw parties and dress my girls in the cutest clothes........or maybe not because that becomes quite expensive.   A girl can dream though, right?? or modify things and ideas to make them cheaper.

Here are some adorable girly things I have seen on Pinterest and Etsy that I need, want.

this adorable onesie set

these sweet Toms

This precious owl hat with matching diaper cover

Or this cute print boppy cover

Can't you see Sarah in this onesie

If only I could sew......... and be super talented and creative and have an endless supply of money
no signs of baby yet...


  1. those tom toms are adorable! And I love the matching dresses!

  2. oooh those are all precious. I think "need" may have been appropriate :)

  3. loving this post. and yes, i do think you NEED these things. the FIRST thing out of my mouth when i found out Caleb was a boy was, "At least we won't go broke" --- The second thing was, "Lyndsey, go make me a niece" And she did ;) And now I'm going broke.... j/k

  4. I just got caught up on your blog and I"m so excited for you! The girls' rooms are fabulous as is all the girlie goodness! I'm having so much for sewing (and buying ;) girlie goodies for Hazel!

    Can't wait to read the big "She's here!" post!

    Sending easy delivery vibes your way!


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