Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maya's First Hair Cut

For those of you who were asking about the alarm clock in the girls room, it is actually an ipod dock, not an alarm clock.  We use it to play music for the girls and scriptures .

Yes, Maya is almost 3.5 years old and never had her hair cut, never a teeny tiny bit!  I knew by the end of this summer she would have to get a least a trim though, her hair was looking so dead on the ends.  I was originally going to go one of those kid places and make it a "big event."  I started looking up a few places online and really didn't like them, plus I really didn't trust anyone...... except for my friend Celine who does my hair.  Maya even told me that she didn't want her hair cut, because it wouldn't be "princess hair" anymore.  I knew I had to go somewhere that they wouldn't chop off 4 inches.   So when my friend Celine did my hair on Friday I asked if she could cut Maya's, she was more than happy too!

Here are a few photos of Maya's mangled mess this summer (pre-hair cut)

actual brushed hair

I took Maya's hair out of a pony tail at Celine's house right before the hair cut and this is what it looked like....... (sorry celine....)

Maybe we should wash it first!


Maybe we should comb it out


The First Cut


I L.O.V.E that Celine got to be a part of Maya's first hair cut, it made it more special that she knows us and she did a Fantastic job cutting off 1.5 inches.


All done with the cut, but mommy is not quite done.....

Celine is also expecting. She is 24 weeks, I am 37, can you tell the difference?

Celine's boys were sleeping during our photo shoot in the afternoon, so we grabbed a photo of us girls! Couldn't you all see her being a mama to a baby girl? but wait I can also see her having 3 little boys! Either way will be perfect!

we all have leggings on!

Am I a weird mom (my husband thinks so), I kept her first hair cut hair?
It was what was on her head as a baby I had to save it, it was so blond and cute!
Norah, still hasn't had a hair cut either, holding off on that one....


  1. maya is SO cute in those pictures!!! loved doing her first little haircut:) she did sooo good!!! and i can't get enough of seeing maya&norah snuggle in the chair in the girls pictures. you've got two (almost 3!) cuties!!!
    ...your bump is darling!!! i hope to look as good as you at 37 weeks:)

  2. I love preggie bellies. You two are so cute. I don't think your a weird mom for keeping her hair, I have my girls hair from their first hair cut. Keep up the bloging, I love reading then.


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