Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is patience still waiting?

No baby yet....... Her due date isn't until Friday though.  I originally thought she was going to be early because I had so many contractions my 2nd trimester, but right now she seems pretty darn content just hanging out in my belly.    I guess babies have a due date for a reason, but for some reason we/I tend to get impatient and expect that the baby come sooner.
There is one very significant day this month, it has not passed yet and part of me wonders if she is going to be born on that day....... I would not be surprised.  Only God knows though right?

The only thing that has been really hard is that each day I have not made plans, well because I don't want to make big plans and go into labor...... so plans are tentative or not made at all (which is extremely difficult for me for me).

The girls and I have spent a lot of time outside.  Fall is our nicest season.



We went for a walk and found a snake.  can you see it?

We had a love/hate relationship with the snake.  We were scared of it, but curiosity kept us staring at it.  I didn't know what kind of snake it was so I didn't want to touch it, but we were obsessed with looking at it and searching for it in the weeds.

This is Maya yelling, "GO AWAY SNAKE!"

Who needs to pay for a pedicure when you have 2 toddler girls who are obsessed with putting lotion on your feet?



welp my feet aren't dry anymore

I also was able to get the final thing done off my "checklist' and that was getting our finger prints done.  I didn't realize it was such an ordeal to do them until I called the police station and they told me it was a 2-3 hour wait!!! that is crazy!  I new it would be very hard if I had to take a newborn with me, so Brett and I were able to squeeze in an early Saturday morning outing and get them done!

hopefully they won't find anything shady in our pasts

Also we are making sure to squeeze in lots of time with Grammy before she leaves in a few weeks.


How close were you to your due date?


  1. I went over by 4 days with my first and 7 with my second. It is hard waiting. I actually started making plans for my day...not anything that people would be upset if I broke, but the plans kept me sane. I got out of the house a lot b/c I went crazy staying home. I just needed to have something to look forward too if baby didn't come. I started lots of project that I could finish quickly, etc. I don't think it is bad to make plans and it is really good and helpful to walk, walk, walk to help things along anyways. :)

  2. With my 1st I was 2 min. from my actual due date, my 2nd was 1 day before, my 3rd was 2 weeks before & my 4th was 1 week before my due date! Best of luck to you!!

  3. 1st....2 weeks late.
    2nd...1 week late.
    i'm hoping to be cutting down my pregnancy a week with each one, who knows, this one might be on their due date?! can SO do it!!!! the end of pregnancy is such a mind game, giving up time is the hardest thing ever!!! praying for you my dear:)

  4. Lynae was due on Feb 28th and was born on March 5th. Lance was due on March 4th and was born on Feb 18th. Poor Lyndsey,being my third child,
    I dont remember for the life of me what my due date was with her.

  5. I went into labor smack dab on my due date! My son was born 26 minutes into the next day. We'll see how it goes with this next baby but one of my good friends is also pregnant and we're due within a week of each other, so we're crossing our fingers to go into labor at the same time LOL

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