Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random or not so random thoughts

We have had a busy week to say the least!  We are adjusting, trying to sleep some, and doing lots of cuddling.  Here are some random thoughts about my week thus far.

1.  I am totally in love with all 3 of my little girls

2.  I didn't think I could have a daughter that could possibly look more like her daddy until I had baby Sarah.

3.  None of my daughters look like me, but that is ok because I think they are cuter that way.

4. I love all of baby Sarah's dark, straight hair, but I am pretty sure it will all fall out and turn blond, tear.

5. We have already had one H.U.G.E diaper blow out, it made Brett dry heave, I had poop all over my arms and hands, and we had to give Sarah a bath

6. Norah has been really sick, like fever, yucky cough sick, so she has hardly got to spend time with Sarah, it is sad.....

7. Maya is like a little mommy, wanting to help with everything, diaper changes, feedings, picking out clothes and cleaning Sarah's umbilical cord (which she thinks is gross)


8. Baby Sarah is pretty much like this all day

9.Grammy is loving time with Baby Sarah

10.She's a keeper


I love hearing from you, it always makes my day!