Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is in the air........or maybe it's winter?


I love the Fall in Colorado!  It is seriously one of the most beautiful times of the year and gives us the best weather!! It is a great time to be outside and soak up every last minute of warmth before the dreaded winter comes ( I say dreaded only because I don't like being cold and I hate driving in the snow, I'm a California girl).

In trying to keep Maya and Norah entertained I have come up with so Super creative things, like collecting leaves.....ha, not creative but the girls love it!  So I sit on the porch and nurse baby Sarah and the girls do this


Although somehow they ended up eating the leaves.....

and baby Sarah, she just does this throughout the nice fall days

or this


These photos were taken on Tuesday last week, a nice day, about 80 degrees

the other thing that can happen in Colorado is the weather can change quickly, like 80 one day, snow the next...... and although the Fall is beautiful, we do usually get our first snowfall.

These photos were taken on Saturday, our first snow of the year.  Maya woke up ran into my room so excited and said, "mommy mommy it is winter time!"  and of course they had to play in it


Maya throwing a snowball at me.... "ahhh not the Camera Maya!"

Maya, she was definitely born a Coloradian, she could have been out in the snow all day...... Norah, well she has California blood just like me and was cold after about 2 seconds outside

and of course I had to have Starbucks..... I mean the first snow of the year just calls for a Chai Latte


Eagerly waiting for their "pink" donuts


Family Photo

enjoying the donut.....

and baby Sarah, doing her usual

What do you enjoy most about the fall? or do you even enjoy it?


  1. I love fall! :-D I especially love getting to cook all the comfort-food meals I don't make all summer because the sun beats right through my kitchen window and makes it too hot to spend much time in front of the stove or oven. Stews and casseroles and all kinds of things.

  2. i love fall! The cool crisp weather! The clothes, I love the clothes! Knowing the holidays are near, the busy summer is winding down. :)

  3. Love yall!!! Can't wait to see you soon! Hugs xoxo


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