Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sarah- {1 month old}

seriously, don't you just want to squish her?

Can you believe she is already one month old?  Ahh I am trying to soak in the tiny baby-ness of Sarah as much as I can, but it is passing quickly! Sarah is a good baby, nurses well, sleeps well (sleeps almost anywhere) and is so adorable ( I am totally biased)!  

Some things I want to remember about Sarah during this time

-You have never really looked like a newborn (so mature for your age already)
You love to be in a ball, sometimes I think you still want to be in my belly

-You love to cuddle, and I love this and wish I could cuddle more (I am a bit pre-occupied sometimes)

-You have already given a 7 hour stretch of sleep during the night

-You are very loud, your cry is loud, I think you feel the need to be heard

-You have the cutest coos and sounds, you squeak all the time

-You still have all of your hair, amazingly, but your roots are coming in blonde

-You are not a huge swaddler, (complete opposite of Maya) 
in fact you have fallen asleep laying flat on your back with nothing but a onesie on

-You aren't huge on using a pacifer, and occasionally I find you trying to find you thumb, 
but as your hygienist I highly recommend that you don't do that

You love wiggling in this thing

and looking at yourself

your sisters love you so much!

Maya loves to help with you

Norah loves to touch and squeeze you

I am pretty sure your eyes are going to be blue

Look how much you have already grown


I love you


  1. She is so stinking cute and completely sqishable!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable! A complete doll!

  3. Look at her! She has stunning eyes. Such a pretty little baby!


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