Monday, October 3, 2011

lunch ideas anyone? and short video of the girls!

Thank you for all of the ideas on what to do with Norah while nursing, I am definitely going to use some of them. So now I am going to ask you all now to give me a least one idea for lunch for the girls. You know, anything besides PB&J, mac, and quesadillas, I really need some help with lunches!

I would love to be better at taking short videos of the girls. I love hearing their little voices and remembering what they were like at certain ages. This morning Maya and Norah were getting along with each other very well. Maya decided to read to Norah, and I had to capture the moment. Can you tell who is a leader/teacher?


  1. P-U! They are so cute and have such great chemistry! Just wait until Sarah can join in the fun.


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