Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grammy is Going.....sad

Grammy's time in Colorado is coming to an end........ She will be leaving on Tuesday morning.  She has been here since July, so I am sure she is ready to go home, but I am not quite sure I am ready for her to leave. She has helped us immensely, and I could not have made it through the summer without her, and I certainly could not have made it through the first week of having baby Sarah without her.  The girls adore her, and Norah is especially very attached to Grammy.  I love her too!

I hope that the time she has been here hasn't felt like ALL work.  I hope that she has been able to enjoy some time with  us and her granddaughters.  I hope she has been able to treasure some of the time with the girls since she doesn't live very close.  They have done so much together, swimming, villa, parks, crafts, cooking, focus on the family, chick-fil-a, crying, napping, being sick, time-outs, and the oh so fun grocery shopping trips.



Grammy has made 2 imaginary crab friends with her  hands, Sebastian and Selina, the girls talk with them frequently.  Grammy has also been my personal seamstress the whole time she has been her, sewing basically whatever I ask for.

She has helped with every aspect of the girls, so I could still work, so I could shower, eat, rest, clean, go on dates with my husband, and just basically be able to function.

I have no idea how I am going to be able to do anything without her.  It is a bit stressful to think about.  I don't feel cut out for taking care of 3 small children by myself and I know I am going to have some very chaotic moments.  I am most worried about the times I nurse baby Sarah because I am basically incapable of doing anything else while I am nursing her, except for just telling the girls what they can and cannot do.  Maya usually does pretty good, Norah......well she is 2 and does the opposite of what I tell her.  I can not punish, help wipe a booty, attend to a boo boo, or do anything while I nurse........Moms what do you do?  Norah doesn't watch TV either and her attention span is about 2 seconds.

Thank you Grammy,
Thank you for Helping

Thank you for loving

Thank you for sacrificing your summer for these 3 little girls


We love you!


  1. I don't think your mom would call it a sacrifice,but a blessing and a treasure she will carry in her heart. Love the family pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Josiah acts the same way while I'm nursing as he does when I try to talk on the phone. They KNOW that you can't respond the same way. I have NO tolerance. If he acts up while I'm nursing, and I have to stop nursing the baby, he goes straight into the time-out spot (which is the car-seat!) and stays strapped in there until I'm done. It's pretty much every time I nurse. hahahahha. It is very frustrating.

  3. try nursing in a sleepy wrap/moby that way it'll be easier to use your hands while nursing. I used it with my daugher and I LOVED it!!

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