Sunday, October 23, 2011

"P" is for Pumpkin

Ok, so I am trying, trying to do fun things with the girls, activities and what not.  Actually, if I don't have a plan for each day it turns into a disaster.  By plan, I don't always mean going somewhere, sometimes plan is just different crafts or activities I have for the girls each day.  I feel so new at this, trying to be a stay at home mom and coming up with things for the girls to do and teaching them.... it feels a bit awkward for me, but I am learning.  And I am not the most creative person in the world so sometimes the girls just rip paper for an activity.

Last week though we had the theme 

"P" is for pumpkin.


On Monday we  discussed the letter P, the sound it makes and different things that start with the letter "P" We also did construction paper Jack-O-Laterns and red the book, " Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch"



On Monday's we also do "Muffin tin Monday."  Thanks to the great idea by my bff Sarah.  This past week we put food in the muffin tins that started with the letter "P" or were the color orange.  The girls love helping pick out the food and setting it up in the tins.   So for this week the girls got:


1. Peanut Butter and Jelly cubes
2. Cuties
3. Popcorn (orange popcorn of course)
4. Peanut Butter Cookies (nutter butters)
5. Carrots w/ranch


On Wednesday we went to the "Pumpkin Patch" to be honest it is a little bit of a ghetto pumpkin patch, but the girls had fun!  We went with a play group from church (my first time with a new play group), I always get so nervous when I am around new people I don't know, at least a few of my friends were there, and so many of the other moms were very nice!



Tractor Ride


Norah enjoying the maze

Maya enjoying the slides




Enjoying some time with friends


And on Thursday we made "Pumpkin Bread" I got a delicious recipe from Pinterest form this site! We made one loaf for ourselves and one loaf for someone else.



I tried to hop in a photo with the girls this past week, it is not always easy.....

and of course we enjoyed this little pumpkin

so anyone have ideas for what I can do this week?


  1. I tried to talk James into making a "flower" picture with coffee filters and cupcake liners for mommy. He didnt like my idea. I guess it was too "girly". You could draw the stem and have them color and glue the filters/liners on the paper for the "flowers". Pinterest has good ideas. Go to my "grandchildren" board and see if any craft catches your eye. Have fun!

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  3. Do you have any of the pinkalicious, purplicious, silverlicious books? They are kinda dorky, but the girls would love them and then you could spend some time making crafts that go along with the colors and finding things that are that color all week=)

  4. You are such a good mommy to these sweet girls! Love your week of pumpkins. If you want to do more seasonal activities with Maya and Norah you could do L is for Leaves. You could take nature walks and look for leaves, sticks, acorns, seed pods. Talk about the different shapes, sizes, colors, textures of what you find. Talk about the changing seasons and how the leaves will fall off and new ones will be back in the spring. You could do leaf and crayon rubbings or paint with leaves. For meals (LOVE the muffin tin idea!) you could use cookie cutters to make leaf shaped sandwiches or eat foods that are leaves (lettuce, artichoke, etc.). Another fun seasonal one is A is for Apples. You could make your own applesauce, cut apples in half and make apple prints with paint. You could make playdough that is apple scented by using powdered cider mix. Sorry to go on and on. I teach pre-school and coming up with this stuff is basically my whole day. :)

  5. The girls are so cute, and I love the pumpkin theme for the week - fun idea! :-)


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