Thursday, October 20, 2011

A "Farm"


Last week we were invited to go over to Marta's house (she was one of Fran's closets friends).  She has mentioned several times that the girls were totally welcome to come over and visit her and see the horses.  Life gets busy and time goes by, but now that it is fall and I am home a lot more it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go and we were so thankful for her invitation!

When I told the girls where we were going the best way I could describe it was, "a Farm" even though it isn't, it just has a few horses, some chickens and dogs, but I knew it would be very special for the girls.  It was sentimental for me as well, picturing what it may have been like if Fran were still around.  Fran had 3 horses, several dogs & cats, and many birds (oh Beethoven), she just loved animals!  So it was special that Marta invited us over, it was a tiny glimpse of what the girls might have enjoyed if Fran were still around.  Fran would have obsessed over the girls loving horses, and although I don't mind horses or feeding them, my anxiety is high when it comes to ever allowing the girls to ride one.

We had a fun time, it was nice because it was just us, not a busy pumpkin patch with 200 other children trying to feed the animals.

Meeting the Dogs

Feeding the Horses




Feeding the Chickens


this reminded me of Charlotte's Web

Marta even let both of the girls take home a fresh egg

The girls were more obsessed with the tractor than the animals....... we spent most of our time hanging out here





and of course baby Sarah and her usual (she missed out on a lot!)

Thank you so much Marta, we enjoyed visiting so much, it was wonderful and sad to remember everything Fran loved.....

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  1. You are very welcome! And to insure you have to stop by again, I will be holding hostage, the lid to Maya's trailmix container! It sits here, and it makes me smile, remembering our visit.
    My days are pretty unscheduled, and usually "home" on any day by 3pm, for any last minute popovers!


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