Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sister love

Thank you all for your comments, sweet words, and thoughts on my last post it really meant a lot and truly helped me, especially those who have gone through similar situations.
I know it will take time with Norah


Now that everyone in our house is healthy we have had lots of time to Love on one another.  The girls are really enjoying and loving on their new little sister.

Norah's favorite thing to say, I mean it is really her favorite thing, she says it every day, over and over repeating it multiply times is,
"awwwww baby Sawah, she is so little, she likes me, can I touch her?"  "awwww baby Sawah, she is so little, she likes me, can I touch her?"  
and Norah keeps repeating that phrase over and over like a broken record.

Maya has been my little helper, getting me things when I need them, singing to the baby and asking all kinds of questions like,
"mom is baby Sawah's poop mustard?"
"why can't baby Sawah have cow's milk, that is what I drink?"
"why do your boobies hurt?"

Before my mom left, we made sure to have a princess hair and nail day, we couldn't leave Sarah out


Sarah's hair doesn't really curl

The girls have all enjoyed the nap mats Grammy made

Brett was in class the day Sarah's umbilical cord came off, so the girls were very helpful with Sarah's first bath, they loved it! Sarah, not so much


Sarah enjoyed her first movie together with her sisters

We also couldn't resist from making some delicious pumpkin cookies, but not without the cute aprons Grammy made for the girls



And of course Daddy has also done lots of lovin on baby Sarah

lovin all this lovin


  1. I have some of those sponge rollers that Im saving for that day with Emilee. I might not need them if she has curly hair.

  2. awww, cute little girls and a beautiful family.
    Think Norah absorbs everything around her and gives you feed back of what's most important... maybe when she's repetitive, give her a new subject to think about :)

  3. makes me want to have more babies to give Hazel some sisters! so sweet!


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