Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ode to the Target Cart

Dear Target Grocery Cart,

Oh how you are so useful to me, you help guide my way throughout the aisles of Target sucking in food as I pass by each aisle.  I must say that we used to have such a great relationship, you know, when it was just you and I....   And then little Maya came along, and yes she took some attention away from you, but you were still very helpful in my attempt to obtain groceries.

Then, something strange happen in my life and suddenly I had three small children!  This is where our descent began, you stopped being useful to me and became a pain in my side.  You could no longer hold all of my children and all of my groceries.  You tried to be helpful buy adding a bulky plastic seat holder that did nothing but make my children completely naughty and you impossible to steer!
The "Naughty" Cart
My once relaxing perusing down the aisle has turned into a sweaty, stressful nightmare, where the Target bullseye no longer has it's powers on me to buy everything I see, because I don't have room or time!

And I do feel bad for you at times.  Like when people somehow find it impossible to put you back in the cart corral that is 5 ft away and leave you left to be hit by cars and stranded by yourself.  Please don't ever let me become that lazy, even with 3 small children and blowing snow I will always try to put you back, not just to respect you, but to respect the cars around you.

When I came back from shopping I found you right by my car, perhaps you missed me, or perhaps someone thought it was easier to put you here than the Corral just 2 parking spots down
Can you see where the Corral is, let us count, yes 1, 2 spots down. Boy that must have been a lot of work for someone to get you all the way down there rather than delicately or not so delicately placing you against my car
Oh how I would pay to have you resemble a Costco cart.  I really hate to compare you, that is not fair, but the Costco cart does have 2 seats in front, a large basket and is easy to steer..... I know practically the BMW of carts, right?
Can you see the joy in my children's faces, they have the perfect Grocery ride!
Maybe someday our relationship with be renewed, like when my children are grown and pushing you themselves.  I hope they learn to properly put you away.   But for now we remain at odds.

Your Friend, Jenni

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  1. I heart Target. But having 4 toddlers, there isn't enough room AT ALL. I need a bus to haul my crew around ;). I'm so glad that you stopped by my blog and found me. I just read your story and shed a few tears. I'm so incredibly sorry that you loss your sister. So sad. My sister is alive, in a sense, but the sister I knew and loved is trapped inside the shell of a person she is somewhere. Most days, I feel like I am mourning the loss of her already and she is here and alive - though I'm not sure much longer. I constantly have an inner struggle with being my nieces Mommy when I'm supposed to be their aunt. Of course our situations are different in areas, but we have so much in common as well.I look forward to getting to know you!


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