Monday, July 23, 2012

Sarah {10 months}

Well we certainly have a little miss personality in the house now (well actually 3 of them)!

Miss Sarah has turned into a squealing, busy, loud, happy, delight!  I don't know how this happened all of a sudden she is like an adult baby, doing her own things all the time.
Sarah, this month you have made everything a bit harder, not just because you can crawl, but because you are soooo fast and get into everything you shouldn't, but you are so fun!

You squeal all.the.time.  We chase you down the hall and you crawl as fast as you can squealing so loud.

A few people who have seen you at the pool have said that you are the happiest baby they have ever seen!

Speaking of the pool, I thought you might be the baby that just sits in my arms and splashes. Nope!  You have no fear!  You crawl everywhere and even begin to float away.  You love the pool as much as your sisters and every time we arrive at the pool you begin to, yep that's right, squeal!

You love bananas!  Some mornings you even bang on your high chair tray screaming, "Nana Nana Nana!"
mmmmm that must be so good!

You always want things in your mouth you shouldn't have

I really like to hang out with you

You are still a great sleeper with 2 big naps a day and about 12-13 hours of sleep at night

I can already tell you want to be just like your sisters, playing with what they have, being in the same room, you just want to be like them!

You like to look at books

You sometimes twirl your the hair by your ears, I think it is so cute

You flip over every time we try to change your diaper

You look really cute with pigtails

You wiggle to get down on the grass and then do this with your legs

And this time it was really hard to get your 10 month photo want to see the out takes? (well if you don't, I am showing them anyway)
Nooo mamma
ahh, I want to cry, I want to laugh
I'm getting out of here
I will not smile momma
here you go mom
and look at your just a few months ago 6780494330_99498d615a_b 

Who knew you would turn into such a loveable, squeezable, fun loving, squealing delightful blondie!


  1. That top photo and the grass one make your three girls look even more like sisters. There is so much of Maya and Norah in her. So sweet.

  2. I have been meaning to share this... Here is another blog where a lady adopted her sister's children. I thought you would enjoy reading about her thoughts and feelings.


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