Tuesday, July 3, 2012

These are the days

These are the days

I hardly ever eat sitting down..... DSC_0074

really sometimes after making breakfast, feeding Sarah, emptying the dishwasher, watching the cat eat (yes she won't eat unless I watch her), brushing hair, changing a diaper, pouring milk, getting vitamins, feeding the baby more and cleaning up a kitchen mess, I have almost forgotten to eat at all.
My mornings are a clashing symphony, they are chaos, loud, and sometimes obnoxious but somehow routine and organized in a strange way.

I usually don't look in the mirror at all, seriously who has time for that?

Some mornings by noon I realize I haven't brushed my teeth (way nasty, I am a hygienist) Then I freak out and brush for like 10 minutes. 

By mid morning there are already a pile on the stairway, a collection of things for me to take upstairs (I try to take a load up every time I walk upstairs)

I clean the kitchen WAY to many times a day.  I really can't leave dishes all day...they get so nasty and gross and harder to clean, plus I stress out if the kitchen gets out of control.

I have to pick things up off the floor non stop, because I have a little human vacuum who has already pooped out a pile of stickers and glitter sequence (for real)

Sometimes I just resort to putting food directly on the floor (it's good for her immune system)

I say "No" way to often (trying to work on that)

I have to break up fights, and put children in time out


 I usually never go to the bathroom by myself, yet my girls demand "I need privacy!" when they go, sheesh

There is usually many moments of crying (I mean, it's all girls living here) DSC_0001

We are usually never at home all day because of many of these reasons, but some days I love to be at home simpy because of many of these reasons

Like seeing this smiling face every time she wakes up, she is always so happy!!

Or when I see how much they love each other, or simply show it


Or  when we cuddle on the couch

Or when we play "road trip to Texas" for the 20th time

Or when we just stop and dance

Sometimes I just want things to "feel" easier for me, for the girls to be more independent, but then some days I just don't want them to grow up at all, I want to cuddle their tiny bodies forever......
And today I just want them to stop and be little. Forever.


  1. EVERY word in this rings true in my life. i'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face! you're an amazing mama jenni, thanks for being such a genuine & real friend!!!

    ...thank you for telling me to send the picture of logan & i to costco. we picked it up today:)

  2. Oh how I love this post and your three girls are just darling!

  3. I will be your mirror. You look fabulous!

  4. such honest words of so many days summed up in one post. just read more about your precious family and i am touched by your story. praying right now for the details.

  5. This had me cracking up!! All so very true. I swear I clean that darn kitchen ALL DAY LONG but it's the only space I feel like I can keep clean and it keeps me sane. And those piles on the stairs?? I fear they will never go away until the kids move out. And then I will miss them.

  6. Love your honesty of life. It made me laugh - it is a good thing. I think you're an amazing mom with an incredible story! Your girls are beautiful. Love Sarah's eyes!


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