Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Goodbye

Ok for starters, I have had way to many friends move away this year!  Seriously friends, you must stop!  No one is allowed to move away anymore, K? On that note, anyone wanna be my friend since everyone is leaving?

We had a good bye party for our friend Matt & Liane a few weeks ago, they are off on a new journey into Kansas City! Have you ever had a friend that just touches your life, the one that makes an impression that will never go away? Well that is Liane,  she is such a sweet and dear friend to my heart!  She is just one of the best people I know, she loves the Lord with her whole heart and anyone who is around her for more than a minute knows that!  Her example has just inspired me, and she has been right by my side during some tough tough times.  She is full of grace and wisdom and is going to be such a good mom someday, can't wait!  Kansas City is a very lucky city indeed, they now have this treasured woman!


 There really isn't anything better than celebrating great friends surrounded by the beauty in Colorado.


  I didn't really know how to theme and "good bye" party, and actually pinterest wasn't even very helpful on this one.  I saw one idea with globes and did my own spin on things doing a picnic/map theme.  Kinda random but it worked.  DSC_0020

I got state maps for Colorado, Kansas & Missouri, and I also got a few US maps, and guess what?? they were totally free!  Yep, I am a AAA member and I just called them up and asked if I could have some maps and they mailed them to me, I didn't even have to go pick them up with my train of children to lug inside!  Then I got the maps laminated for like a nickle at Mardel to make them a little more sturdy.

Along with the maps, I incorporated :
a picnic table cloth,
some mason jars with red twine
red licorice
red & white paper straws
a picnic basket
oh and lots of food (thanks to the help of all my friends!)




Oh, and I pulled a few strings and got a fire truck to roll in mid party, even while they were busy fighting a huge fire down the street, thanks guys!

Norah wasn't a huge fan of the inside of the fire truck
  Did I mention Matt and Liane don't have kids, but there were 12 kids at the party!






And how Matt & Liane have loved all of these kids DSC_0183

a little ladder golf

some eating

and then just handing out DSC_0206
and way to soon it was time for goodbyes


I feel so pale and tall next to my petite Asian friend
   This group of friends will never be the same without you guys DSC_0187


  1. That is so tough to watch friends move away because they are what make up your extended family. I feel for you. On the other hand, you did such a great job getting creative for a "good bye" party, which, in my mind, can be pretty random! I'm pretty sure that's a rule!

  2. How bout YOU move away, too, and move to California, and I can be your friend ;-)

  3. You did a great job it looks like. Wish you were closer and you hadn't have moved so we could be closer friends. Lol but I'm happy for the blessings you have found along the way!


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