Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What it is like to......

shop for 3 girls!! Yikes!

I remember thinking that as soon as Norah came to live with us, there was one thing I didn't have to worry about, and that was her clothes.  She is almost exactly one year younger than Maya so I thought, "oh hand-me-downs will work perfect, Norah will be exactly one size smaller and they will be the same season and everything!"
well...hehehe that didn't last long...... it took me about 2 days to realize that Maya & Norah were the same size!  Oh great, now I have to basically shop for twins!  and then baby Sarah came along, yay!! another girl, more hand-me-downs, expect for she was born in the exact opposite season of Maya & Norah.  Maya was donning the sundresses at 0-3 months while Sarah needed a Burka.  Well, I know once Sarah gets bigger more hand-me-downs will work but for now, I kind of just have to make it work and improvise.

So what do I do, I shop at Old Navy a lot (yeah, you all knew that already right?)  But here is what I do, I do have an Old Navy credit card (one of the only ones I ever use)  I get info on specials, I get bigger discounts, and I get cash back, plus I pay it back right away.  The real trick though is not necessarily getting clearance items (which aren't always very cheap and usually picked over).  The trick is getting a sale combined with a coupon!  Like toddlers dress on sale for $6.00 with a 40% off coupon, score!!  When you have to buy 3 of the same thing, it really adds up.

So I did a little early school shopping because there was a one day special of 40% off at old Navy.  So I bought sale or clearance items and then in addition got the 40% off.  Want to see what I got for each girlie?

This is Norah's Pile

2 Dresses (for about $4.00 each) 
Shoes: They weren't only sale, but 40% off for shoes is good! 
Tank Top 
Free Tote

Total: $32.66
Originally:$109.76 (times 3 girls would have been well over $300!!)
Savings: $77.10 

 I got all of this for less than $100

5 tips for buying girls clothes
1)Always buy leggings, they are way cheaper than jeans, they go with everything, and you can use them in winter and summer seasons
2)Buy a season ahead if you can, you can get way more sale items
3)Buy one good pair of jeans, even if you have to spend a little more, one good pair will last longer, I usually buys jeans on sale at this place (they fit so much better on toddlers!)
4)Remember combine sales with great coupons!
5)Buy about 45 pairs of underwear when they are on sale, because you will need them ALL!

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  1. Great job! Oh your love for Old Navy goes way back. The journal you bought me way back in 2002 is from there. :)


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