Sunday, July 8, 2012

Norah's Box

Lately thinking of a few things to take with you from your home during an emergency and/or fire has crossed my mind and I am sure a few others that live here in Colorado.

Other than our fire safe box (with all the important docs) the first thing that came to my mind to take was Norah's box.  I have boxes for all of my girls,  "baby boxes."  Does anyone else have these? 

You know boxes, with some of their baby stuff with their importants? Like their hospital bands, ultra sound photos, first hair cut, etc.  Am I weird, or do other people have these, my mom did so I just think it is normal, but is it? See
Sarah's box, Maya's & Norah's


Ok, so Norah's box is different than my other kids, besides the obvious art that I didn't do. It probably isn't like the typical baby box, it has things that are relevant toward her mommy Carrisa, things that will probably be more important to her as she becomes older.  When Carrisa died I tried to take a few things from her home that I felt might be important, but I really didn't know, it's all a blur. My mom had the box for a while, but now we do.  So welcome to Norah's box....
Carrisa's memorial service program and obituary
A onesie made for Norah, I don't know if Carrisa made this or someone else?
I found this PJ set in Norah's closet at Carrisa's house that she had set aside for when Norah was older. well Norah has worn it, many many times and out grown in, but I want her to keep it because it was special from her mommy
this is a book of special words for Norah, from other people, reminding her of memories of her mommy.  If you want to add to it you still can!
Carrisa's adult bible
Carrisa's baby bible
Norah's hand print
Carrisa's jewelry box, remembering her love for Mr. Mayer
a blankie

words of encouragement/advice Carrisa got at her baby shower. 

Unfortunately I don't know the relevance of every item, like who made it, or why it was kept,  but I do know that it is special and the thought of losing things like this (in a fire per se) is not something I want to picutre.   I know I know, store up your treasure in heaven, so true, but these are memories, gifts for Norah that I think she was meant to have on earth even if for just briefly. Something to connect her to her mother, something that I cannot replace, something I would rather not lose in a natural disaster.

And then there are a few special memories that start with us, like Norah's new name and her dedication to the Lord. 
A new start, without forgetting the past

What would you take?


  1. What a great gift to Norah! I know that I wish I had something like that to remember my mom when she died when I was 17. Norah will love to have those pieces of her mom. Selima

  2. ..WOW...I know that BOX..someday I will tell Norah: I bought it to hold the "norah" blankets I made for her after her arrival. The NORAH ribbon: I pasted the rhinestones on it (Carrisa glam) & wrapped it around her 1st Bday gift from Rick & I - brown chair w/ white polka dots (again, vintage Carrisa). I miss my otha GOOD Child...thrills my heart to see God's grace shine upon NORAH..she has the parents, SHE would choose. xo, dianna

  3. Carrisa DID make that onesie. She also made a matching one with green lettering for Josiah, and I still have it :)

  4. That is so sweet! I know she will truly treasure those items when she gets older. I'm definitely going to make these for my kiddos!

  5. Thanks for sharing such a special part of your life. You are doing such a good being mommy to Norah, Jenn. She is so blessed to have you and Brett.

    Praying many blessings to you all these next years.


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