Sunday, July 15, 2012

I love baby feet

Summer always seems to keep us busy and not as much time for blogging, but I wanted to share some random thoughts

We went to the Disney store today, it might as well have been Disneyland for the girls

I have some kind of cyst or something on my finger, it is driving me crazy, I must go to the dermatologist soon!

Maya is obsessed with Ariel even though we don't have the movie, nor can we buy it anywhere

I need a date night with my husband really bad, like one where I can dress up and feel pretty

I am trying to work out more

I had a dream of Carrisa 2 nights ago, I can't seem to get it out of my head

I love Chick-fil-a and when it does cow appreciation day

I love watching "So you Think you can Dance" in the summer time, it is my favorite show!

Baby Sarah keeps me on my toes. ALL.THE.TIME DSC_0049

I miss going ballroom dancing

We got to see some of Brett's family that were in the neighborhood today (Denver), so fun!

I have been practicing with my Camera lots and trying to shoot some photos in manual


I love baby feet

 We are going to a friends house tonight for a BBQ, my all time favorite thing to do in the summer!

Oh and FYI Brett and I have been working on the "parents of the year award today" Norah, peed her pants twice and ran out into the street in front of a car, Sarah took off her diaper during her nap and smeared pooped everywhere, I mean everywhere! Norah dumped her milk all over the floor at Mimis, and Maya can't seem to turn the whine button off.  I am pretty sure we might just win!


  1. So you think you can dance is defintely my favorite show of the summer too!
    Also, I totally have been missing ballroom dancing lately...and I was just thinking about all the fun times we had with that. Do you remember the Asian guy who dropped me and you?! Haha...he thought he was the best dancer.... Fun stuff!
    Your girls are super adorable... I have those "Parent of the Year" award days more than I would like to admit. Three kids are a lot to handle and control when you are by yourself.
    Life is so busy now but someday we will look back and laugh at all the craziness. Kinda like looking back and laughing at getting dropped! Haha!

  2. -I had a weird cyst thing on my finger a couple of months ago - it was kinda along the side of one of my fingernails. It was pretty small but it hurt like a you-know-what!!! I had to go to the derm to get it cut off even though I didn't have insurance. SUCKY! I wonder if it's the same thing? Does it hurt really bad?

    -Why can't you buy the Little Mermaid anywhere?

    -We love SYTYCD, too. FAVE!

    -Norah looks exactly like Creasy in that picture.

    -I'd love to hear about your dream. You can message me if you want. :)

    -Your babies are super cute. (Sorry about the poop ordeal. YUCK!)

  3. Oh goodness your girls are beautiful!

    I hear ya about the date night, we love our son Judah but Scott and I just need time to enjoy each others company maybe with some dinner with out a child trying to get our attention. I think for our own sanity we need it.


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