Tuesday, February 7, 2012

30 on 30

Sunday, February 12, 2012 will be my 30th birthday!  C.o.m.p.l.e.t.e.l.y hard to believe! I am not exactly looking forward to this number milestone, but it is what it is.
I decided to kick off my pre-birthday celebration with giving you 30 things that I have done/that have happened in the 30 years I have been alive!

1. I was born, that is a pretty big deal!
2. I have lived in a trailer park
3. I have lived in 11 different houses, 5 different cities, and 3 different states
4. I have lost a father
5. I have lost a brother
6. I have been an aerobics instructor
7. I have nearly drown in a river
Wedding: River of Death

8.  I have had plastic surgery (on my ear to remove a keloid)
9.  I have been the MVP on a high school basketball team
10.  I have lived in the middle of America, Omaha Nebraska
11. I have hiked the Incline in 43 minutes

12. I have died my hair red

13. I have smoked 1/2 of a cigarette (haha, that is about all I could stand)
14.  I have been to 21 of the 50 states
15. I got married!
Wedding: Ceremony

16.  I have gotten a $108 tip on a $38 bill (yes I consider that an accomplishment!)

17.  I have been to Piccadilly Circus in London all by myself

18.  I have gotten lost and the picked up by a stranger

19.  I graduated from dental hygiene school (hard hard hard, so hard!)
graduation 055

20. I have hiked up to the top of Pikes Peak (and 2 other 14eeners)
Brett & Jenni at the top of the trail

21. I have been to Africa

22. I have been white water rafting

23. I have lost a baby
24.  I have lost a mother in law
25. I have lost a sister

26. I have had one child via Epidural
Baby and Mommy

27. I have had one child all natural

28.  I have had one child via adoption

29. I have had blow out diarrhea and vomiting simultaneously with my husband
 30. I have had 3 children 3 and under, (whew, still there)

I have done a lot in 30 years,
and have many more to come,
but when all is said and done
all that really matters is that I have led a life loving and serving Christ.

What are you living for?


  1. That is A LOT in 30 years, friend. I hope the next 30 are full of joy and free of loss. Happy early B-day!

  2. p.s. I like the drowning shout-out. Oh my, that was so scary!!

  3. Wow!!! And you take photos and keep a blog up to date with those 3 under 3!!!! Have a great Bday!!!

  4. Wow Jenny. What a testimony. You have always lived your life with a love for Christ. I pray these next years bring you more joy than sorrow and laughter after the rain. You amaze me. God Bless you!


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