Sunday, February 19, 2012

what has been one of the hardest things as a parent

There is a lot to anticipate and expect as a parent, there are many many fun things, and many difficult and challenging things.   One thing that I did not expect or even think would be hard is dealing with so much feces!! You know, pee and poo poo my friends!  I mean it is constant at our house, almost E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y, there is some kind of baby blowout or pee pee, poo poo, or diarrhea  accident from one of the girls.

I seriously CAN'T HANDLE IT, it is disgusting (even from my own kids) when it is all over the carpet, blankets, skin, clothes, fingernails, you name it, it is so gross!!!  I feel like I need a sanitizer bomb in my house STAT!  I feel like the girls room has a lingering pee smell, and every week, no matter what, I am scrubbing something nasty off of the carpet!

So on Friday I had a special adventure at Costco (aka my favorite place to shop)
Here is the story.
1. Girls did great at Costco, so I decided let's get lunch!
2. Order at hot dog (don't worry they are kosher), and was told it would be another 5 minutes until they were cooked, no biggy, it takes me about that long to get the girls out of the cart and seated
3. Sarah starts acting fussy
4. Decide I should take her out of her car seat so she can hang out with us
5. Immediately notice a baby poop odor
6. Realize it is all over my arm and shirt

7. Another realization comes: I don't have the diapers (they are in the car of course) and I have 2 toddlers sitting at a table, a baby in arms (that I can't set down), and a hot dog still cooking that I have already paid for
8.  uhhhh what do I do?
9.  Ummm there are 2 strangers over there, they are women and look nice enough
10. "Umm excuse me, excuse me, my baby just had a poop blow out the diapers are in the car, I have 2 daughters over there and a cart full of groceries, can you watch them?'
11. Strangers reply "sure, we had kids once"
12. run to the car
13. scramble to change Sarah, get poop everywhere, change her into a onesie that already has a poop stain

14. run back inside with a baby in my arms that only has a onesie on while it is 30 degrees outside

15.  children are safe
16. get back in line for my hot dog (still)
17.  Sarah spits up all over the floor and my favorite boots
18.  I am sweating
19. Finally eat and take this photo
20.  Of course the girls have to use the restroom

21. Finally get to the car (2 hours later)
(little stinker)
22.  Maya is hysterically crying because Norah ripped the Costco receipt

23. oh and its not over yet.....
24. Get home and rinse off poopy clothes

and then Norah leaves me this




  1. Jenni, I was laughing so hard at this!!! But at the same time, I felt so bad for you. How horrible!! I would have been so stressed out even if Noelle was with me.

  2. Sorry..but that was all so funny! I hate it when thing's like that happen and it is just one thing after another! But really funny that you have photos of the sequence of events - you will find that funny looking back at when the pee and poo stage is over!!!

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  4. the COSTco crime scene:...You Blessed my Socks off..only a grammy knows how to LOL with ya...

  5. Jenni, you are the best... Your children will grow up to call you blessed. You are the Proverbs 31:27 Woman!! Praise the Lord. So sorry you have all this drama, but I must admit to having a really good laugh at your misfortune!!

  6. That could be my life...only with vomit...LOL

  7. omg... that was too funny. I was ok with the poop photos until that very last one... hahaha!! Sounds ALOT like my days. I was thinking about that the other day - that I can't remember the last day there wasn't a poop explosion around here lol.

  8. Just read this now. I was amused the whole way through, but have to say #22 was when I really laughed out loud. We are in poop land too, so I hear ya!!


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