Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why I cried on my 30th birthday

I used to say there were no good birthdays after age 25 (haha and I still kind of think that).  I always wanted to be done having kids by the time I was 30 (and that is probably the case).  I have been blessed in many ways in my 30 years, but as many of you saw I had some tears entering the THREE ZERO age.

Yeah, the whole getting older thing isn't that much fun, but that isn't why I cried.  I cried because, well, it has been a Hard 30 years.  I am a reflector and I am sentimental, so as my birthday approached the memories of my life overflowed.  It is hard for me to not have the people I have loved so much around during these milestones.  I wanted my father to crack some lame joke, and my brother to hug me and tell me he was proud, and I really wanted a popcorn popper from Carrisa.......  sighhh.  All of these things overwhelmed my thoughts as I sat alone during my last few hours of being 29.  My husband wasn't home and I just needed a friend.  And to be honest it is hard for me to call people, I know they care, I just feel like a bother, or I make up excuses for them, like they are busy, they have kids, etc etc.  So instead I just sat alone.  I was ok, I just needed to cry.

So onto my birthday
here is a bit of my 10,950 day on earth


beautiful outside

My husband made me breakfast and a delicious latte

We went to church

I got to spend time with these lovelies


My day was special, very special.  My main birthday celebration is not actually happening until this coming Saturday, so I didn't have a whole lot planned on my actual birthday.   Brett made sure my every need was taken care of and he let me go shopping in Denver with a wonderful friend (and no kids!!!!).


It was such a GREAT time, hours with just an amazing friend, it was just what I needed!  We laughed, shopped, ate yummy food, and talked and talked!  I love how God puts certain people in our lives, sometimes in strange ways like cleaning their teeth :O)  Lindsay is a true blessing and totally spoiled me on my birthday!  Thank you Lindsay for making a special day, truly special.


Plus who wouldn't be happy going to H&M and the While Chocolate Grill?

and don't forget this amazing-ness!

Happy Birthday to me!

On my birthday I was overwhelmed with wonderful birthday wishes from so many of you, it was very encouraging and uplifting, so THANK YOU very much!

Hoping the next 30 will be filled with Life!

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  1. sometimes we all just need a good cry!

    But what a beautiful life you live!


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