Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goodlins 2011

It is overwhelming to me to do a homemade scrap book photo album. I mean we have sooooooo many photos,  actually about 12,000 in iphoto, which is kind of ridiculous!

So this is what I decided for our family in regards to photo albums:
-I will do online photobooks.
-Each child will get their own "1st year" photobook
-Every year we will have a "Family" album that has sections for each child

Maya already has her 1st year album
Sarah has not quite reached that mark &
Norah's, well hers is going to be hard for me, so I may need help from some of you. I have a cd with some of my sisters photos of Norah, but there is a lot I do know about dates and milestones. I know that some of you who read this have a cute photo of Norah, or Norah and Carrisa and I would love to have it! I feel like this photo book will be very important and special to Norah and the more time that passes the harder it will become to do it. So please email me the photos if you have any!

About 2 weeks ago we got our "Goodlin Family 2011" Photo album in the mail, it was an exciting day!  I think the girls look at it daily.  So, we wanted to share it with you. Just a warning, it is super long and there are tons of photos! It was so hard for me to eliminate pictures and I tried to keep a lot of it as family only so the book didn't end up with 200 pages. Check it out!

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  1. I love love love this! I started out really well with documenting photos in various photo books after my first daughter was born, but then got slack. I really need to do something like you have done with the 1st year albums and love the idea of an annual family album. Well done - great photos. xx

  2. We love Shutterfly too! :-) Same dilemma - tons of pictures, no time to do a physical scrapbook! LOL


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