Thursday, February 2, 2012

Embrace the Camera February 2nd

I haven't embraced the camera for a while, which means I haven't been in any photos with my girlies for a while, so I had Brett grab a quick photo one night after swimming.


not the most beautiful photo, just every day life!
I love cuddling with them!


  1. so it when I can get more than one to cuddle with me at a time!


  2. How sweet!! My little one doesn't do much intentional cuddling yet, but i can't wait for those days!!
    visiting from the andersons :)

  3. I think snuggles might be the ETC theme of the day. It was for us too!

    Love the new blog look. Orange is my fave!

  4. Lovely pic! And lovely new blog layout. It's on my to do list to re-do mine but it gives me such a headache working it all out!!!

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog via the Anderson family. I've spent the past few moments perusing your precious story. I love how your story isn't what you expected, but also how you're letting God direct your path.


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