Friday, February 24, 2012

Sarah {5 months}

What? how is it possible that Sarah is 5 months old? beats me.

What a joy you have been every month Sarah!
You just seem to get more delightful!

I was very worried about you for a bit, you didn't even gain 1 lb between 2 & 4 months of age, you just lingered around the 12 lb mark (yucky flu).  You seem so much better now and I think/hope your weight is going up!

Even when you aren't feeling well (yes another cold), you still smile and squeal at me.
You are still only eating mommies milk
You role over from you tummy to your back all the time (i think mostly because you hate being on your tummy).  Although I have seen you role onto your tummy one time also.

You are a great sleeper, like your sisters,  and you are very nice about giving us lots of rest!  You still take 3 1/2 naps a day and sleep about 12 hours at night.

You love toys!  You will reach and lean and do your best to access any toy possible and then it goes straight to your mouth

Sometimes when I lay on the floor next to you, you grab my face and stare at me, it melts my heart

You have been making these weird old man faces, but it is so stinkin cute!



and you still love your feet


I love these little yellow leggings on you and gold shoes, so sad you are about to outgrow them



Your sisters completely adore you and are excited you can play a little now. Maya will sometimes just ask if you can just stay in her room in the exersaucer, she just wants to be with you, so sweet

sometimes it is easy to forget to jump in a photo with you, so I made sure to grab a few with you this time! (moms seriously don't forget to do this with your kids!)


Monthly progression
(lets go back a littler further)



I love how you fit into our family so well Sarah! We love you!


I love hearing from you, it always makes my day!